Best Movies - Top 100

Статьи, 6-03-2021
Best Movies - Top 100
The rating of the best films on "Kinomaniya" is compiled by our readers. Here everyone can express their opinion about the new movie they like or a masterpiece remembered from childhood. The positions of all the most interesting Streaming Film are calculated depending on the rating given by users. Our list will help you choose a good movie for the evening: it can be a time-tested classic, a light comedy, an exciting TV series or a bloody horror movie. It is enough to choose the genre, country of origin and date - and you will find for yourself the top best films that the audience has chosen for you. And they will not advise bad.

Every movie on our list can be called the best. The movie is shot for the audience, and they choose which one is interesting and which one does not deserve attention. There are many tops of good films of all time, compiled by critics and professionals. They often include paintings by venerable classics such as Citizen Kane by Orson Welles or Battleship Potemkin by our compatriot Sergei Eisenstein. In the rating of the best films of "Cinema Mania" you can not find such tapes, viewing of which is mandatory for admission to the profession of film critic. Our list consists of popular, favorite and interesting, first of all, for viewers of films and TV series.

The best films are calculated not by the number of votes, but by how highly our readers and viewers have given them a rating. And each of these pictures is marked as the most interesting and cool movie. Here are the legendary films of David Fincher - "Fight Club" and "Seven", as well as the best films of Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan - the main geniuses of modern cinema. But our viewers do not forget about the imperishable classics - on the list you will find Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, as well as the great comedy by Billy Wilder "There are only girls in jazz".

The top 100 of the best films of all time, according to Kinomania, is not limited to full-length films. The list contains a wide range of the most popular TV series, which do not mind the time to watch: the famous crime dramas Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, the large-scale Game of Thrones, the cult sitcom Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and of course everyone's favorite The Simpsons. The best domestic TV series can also be found in the "Kinomania" rating, among them the popular comedies "Kitchen" and "Fizruk", as well as the historical drama "Vasilisa".

In order not to forget to watch the most interesting films from our rating, you need to register on the site and add your favorite tape to your favorites. So, you will always have your own selection of interesting movies for the evening at your fingertips. Also, in your profile on the Kinomania website, you can familiarize yourself with your comments, written reviews and a list of ratings for the films you watched.
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